Archived Reports

Annual Reports 

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Child Fatality and Near Fatality Reports 

Implementation Status of Child Fatality Recommendations, 2013

Implementation Status of Child Fatality Recommendations, 2011

Sirita Sotelo Fatality Review, 2005

Justice and Raiden Robinson Fatalities Review, 2005

2004 Child Fatality Report, 2004

Zy'Nyia Nobles Fatality Review, 2000

Systemic Reviews and Other Reports 

Severe Abuse of Adopted Children Report, 2012

Colville Investigation, 2009

Group Care – What Youth Say About Living in a Group Home, 2007

Patterns in Mandated Reporter Referrals, 2006-2008

Review of the Washington School for the Deaf, 2001

Foster Care – What Young People in the System Say is Working, 2001

Report on Guardian Ad Litem Representation of Children in Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings, 1999

Review of the Wenatchee Child Sexual Abuse Investigations, 1998